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Please use the following as a guide to supplying artwork,

it will assist us to ensure we give you the best possible job for the lowest possible cost..


- If you are using professional software design packages such as "Indesign", "Illustrator", "Corel", "Photoshop" or similar,

please ensure that all fonts are "Converted to outlines/Paths" and that all transparencies are "Flattened" on export to PDF.


- Please try to supply files as Acrobat PDF files - free coverters are readily available online.


- Try to avoid using word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Publisher or presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel.


We can handle work created in these packages, but there is a greater risk of text reflowing (i.e.: words might drop from one line to the next line for no apparent reason), and images not reproducing as expected.


- Multiple pages files should be sent as one single multi-page PDF where possible, in page order.

2 sided jobs should be sent with "front" as the first page and "back" as the second page


- Please ensure your colour is set to "C.M.Y.K." and not "R.G.B." as it can have a huge impact on how your job colours will actually print.


"RGB" colour is for screen viewing only. Usually you can find the "CMYK" colour in your colour palettes, possibly listed under "Others" or something similiar


- Please ensure all images are in "CMYK" format, of high quality and resolution (if possible 300ppi minimum) and that your "Export" or "Save as" preferences are set to "highest quality" or "professional print quality"


- We can accept emails up to about 20mb in size (for over 20mb you may need to use "Dropbox" or "Hightail" or a similar file service, or basically any cloud based file service)


- Please ensure your artwork sizes are correct as follows:


A6: 105mm x 148.5mm


A5: 148.5mm x 210mm


A4: 210mm x 297mm (not "U.S. LETTER" or "Letter"  in "Word" page setup etc, this is a major problem for us poor printers,

you need to ensure your "New Document" page size is A4 or 210mm x 297mm)


A3: 297mm x 420mm


A2: 420mm x 594mm


DL (one third of an A4 letterhead): 210mm x 99mm


Postcard: 100mm x 150mm


Small fridge magnet: 70mm x 50mm


Large fridge magnet: 170mm x 80mm


Standard business cards and busines card sized fridge magnets: 90mm x 55mm


Smaller business cards: 86mm x 54mm


- Please keep all text and images that are not "bleed" at least 10mm away from page edges on larger pages and 4mm on small sizes


- Please make certain your job "folds" correctly if folded, A4 tri-folded brochures have folds at the "99mm" and "198mm" marks, centre your text boxes etc accordingly


- Please send us files "one up", ie - don't send a business card 8 or 10 to a sheet like "Publisher" allows etc -

we "impose" artwork according to each jobs needs ourselves and invariably we have to "strip out" multiple versions in order to be able to use them and this costs you money


- Please make a new folder called "Printers Files" and put your printouts/artwork etc in it when bringing us your artwork on removable media/Flash drives/CD's etc.

It is quite sometimes quite hard to find your various jobs when they are all jumbled up with your music files and all the other files and can be quite time-consuming.

This is more a common courtesy than anything else but it all helps keep costs down and ensures best service.


- FONTS - These can be a real problem, so if you are unable to supply files as PDF's then please try to ensure you have also copied whatever fonts you used

along with the other files if they are not just your usual fonts like Times , Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans etc as normally found on most Windows computers.


If you are using professional software design packages such as "Indesign", "Illustrator", "Corel", "Photoshop" or similar, please ensure that all fonts are "Converted to outlines/Paths"

and that all transparencies are "Flattened" on export to PDF.


- If you job needs to have the edges run off the sheet after trimming to size (we call it "Bleed"),

ie - if you have a backgound image or colour that will run off the edge - no paper showing or white border, please add and extra 2mm all round of "Bleed".


When in doubt, supply all the bits that "bleed off" as separate files so that we can adjust if needed, it is quite difficult to explain but simple once you understand it.







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